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New Feature: Dial-in Consultations!

Evisors is excited to announce that we’re improving how advisors and advisees connect through our platforms. As of December 9th 2014 12:00pm EST, users connecting over career conversations or mock interviews will no longer receive an automated call from us. Instead, they’ll need to dial in to a conference number. With this change we’ll also […]

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Don’t just plug yourself in; disrupt the Energy Industry


By Matt Barron, Energy.  We all need it.  Whatever your lifestyle is, you rely on an energy source to fulfill what you want to do.  The electricity you use is derived from either fossil fuels, nuclear reactors or renewable processes.  As environmental regulations force coal fired power plants to shut down, nuclear plants, natural gas […]

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Making Things Happen: How to Approach Meetings


By Alessandro Cardito. When it comes to team-work there is one thing that brings everybody on the same page: a healthy dissatisfaction with the way meetings are handled. Yet, while many people complain about it, few feel they are equipped to fix that! In reality the secret to getting things moved after a meeting is […]

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How I Turned a $5 Starbucks Card into a New Job (and How to Apply it to YOUR Job Search)


By Ramon Santillán // Interview Consultant, Hiring Expert, and Social Researcher We’ve all been there: You’re looking for a job and you need to line up a list of references. Worse yet, you haven’t talked to any of your go-to people in years! It can get pretty awkward calling someone you don’t talk to and […]

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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Job in Finance


April 9, 2014 By Ivan Lenev My original interest in the fields of technology, media, entertainment & finance has led me to pursue a business education & corporate strategy/finance roles at various media and Internet companies. I started my career working in sales and entertainment, which quickly transitioned into working in film, television & hotel […]

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Two Essential Steps to Making an Impact with Your MBA

Social Impact

Throughout its history, the social impact sector has played host to relatively few MBAs. This is not because the degree is somehow an anathema to the sector. In fact, we are now seeing demand for the MBA skill set in the sector due in part to the rise of social enterprises and an intensifying focus […]

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Evisors now on Google Helpouts!


Did you know Evisors is on Google Helpouts? Practice for your upcoming interviews with live, one-on-one help over video with our career advisors! Get $25 off your first Evisors Helpouts session by using the code EVISORS. Code expires 4/1/2014. Visit our Google Helpouts page: https://helpouts.google.com/102166796188017919973

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7 tips to help you perfect the “cold call” to business school alumni

Networking with Alumni

A few months ago, Evisors launched its university-specific Alumni Advisor Platform that  lets students find and connect with alumni for career help. As a student job-seeker, you will be able to find alumni of your school who now work or have worked at your target company, and get help with your resume, interview preparation or […]

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Making an Impact: Key Strategies for Management Consulting Applicants.

Strategies for management consulting applicants

Over the years, I’ve seen many individuals attempt to break into the consulting industry. Some were successful on their first try, like it was a walk in the park (it rarely happens). While others go through the application process a few times. I have also seen people break under pressure, give up and immediately choose […]

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25 Days of Christmas on Evisors!

Evisors Christmas Campaign

Happy December! Holiday celebrations begin today on Evisors.com. We will be celebrating by granting you 30 days of FREE access to our entire webinar library when you book a consultation with any of our 4,000+ advisors between now and December 25th. In addition, for each consultation you complete on Evisors, you earn an entry to […]

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